True Organic of Sweden

Undercover Agent Unisex Deodorant

  • This roll-on liquid deodorant from Sweden-based True Organic Sweden meets all our criteria for an effective natural-deodorant.

    Made of natural-ingredients? Yes, this deodorant is 99% made of natural ingredients, with the only non-natural ingredient being baking soda.

    Effective? Check - easily takes you through the day and a sweaty exercise sesh. Trust us, we've taken this for multiple test runs.

    Pleasant neutral fragrance - Yes, in fact, this deodorant is unisex with a very subtle fragrance and will work just as well for men! Particularly suited for sensitive noses.

    Non-staining? - YES! Unlike most paste-based natural deodorants, the liquid formula ensures easy absorption and eliminates pesky white embarrassing stains so you can move with ease.

    Packaged in a beautiful, handy and portable glass bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Best Natural Deodorant

Finally found natural deodorant that works, introduced to my husband and he loves it too, no white cask and the smell is lovely.

My most frequently purchased item from An Uplifted Day

This is my favorite deodorant which is really affordable for its quality. I’m not a huge fan of chemical deodorants that are hazardous to health. I’ve tried natural brands and they either leave a white paste or cause itchiness. But this is my favorite! I buy at least 3 to stock up. I’ve also introduced people to this and they love it too! Wonderful product, all in all!

Best deodorant

Was really unsure and doubtful when I first purchased as nothing has ever worked for me. After using this, I’m really loving it. I have the most sensitive underarm skin ever and yet this does not hurt it at all. Personally find that it even comes with skin clearing whitening effect. Loving this product so much. Hope this will never discontinue!

Great refreshing smell

Great product with f
refreshing smell

Best Natural Deodorant

Hands down the best natural deodorant that i have tried. Love the smell, it is not too over-powering, glides on smoothly and last long! It is better than other natural wax based deodorant, convenient and not messy, and it last long!