Modern Minerals Makeup


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  • Colour: Fuchsia

    Satin smooth and semi-sheer, Modern Minerals Lip Crème Tints glide on seamlessly using a fingertip or lip brush. Available in pink (Blissful), fuchsia (Playful) and red (Joyful), each moisturizing, lightweight shade comes packaged in an adorable spherical pot, perfectly portable for the grab-and-go gal who appreciates a pop of color. Toss ‘em in your bag and bounce — to yoga, the beach or wherever else you’re summoned this season!

    These Lip Crème Tints are infused with Lotus Wei’s flower essence and gemstone energy. The properties of nectarine blossom and garnet lend this line of lip crème tints some bespoke benefits — to say nothing of a fantastic fragrance. (Imagine if you will a faint floral blend of lavender, chamomile, rose and neroli. Delicious.)

    These core components work in tandem to harness camaraderie and friendliness; heighten softness and gentleness; channel happiness and joy; enhance kindness and sweetness; magnify tolerance, affection and thoughtfulness; foster playfulness and fun; and support a blissful, whimsical spirit. Indeed, there’s a lot to love!

    With an alluring scent sure to keep you and your pucker pleased.