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    Perfect Pearl Powder comes from Mother of Pearl, also known as pearl nacre, the nutrient-rich biomass that gives birth to each precious, pearly gem. This biomass contains the same compounds as the pearl itself, making it a more affordable alternative to crushed pearls with exactly the same benefits. Pearl nacre is packed with nourishing lipids and amino acids that are absorbed by the skin. Powdered pearls are said to regenerate skin cells, increase collagen production, clear blemishes, even skin tone, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


    Use a dash Perfect Pearl Powder in combination with pure water or any of the Living Libations Best Skin Evers to create a smoothing, strengthening facial mask. Perfect Pearl Powder also makes a wonderful addition to your tooth-brushing regimen – simply add to any of our oral serums to polish your pearly whites.


    For over three thousand years, pearl powder has been a staple of Chinese health and beauty. Women have used pearl powder to slow the signs of aging, fight the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin’s vitality. Pearl powder was also applied externally and taken internally by ancient peoples throughout India, Egypt, and the indigenous cultures of South and Central America. Cleopatra was a big fan of pearl powder for her skin, as was Empress Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in China’s long history. Today, pearl powder is used for its beautifying properties in skincare products and to polish teeth.

    Perfect Pearl Powder may be used as an occasional exfoliator, a fortifying facial mask, a spot treatment, and a tooth polisher. Combine Perfect Pearl Powder with water or any of the Best Skin Evers. To use in your oral care regimen, combine with any of the Living Libationsoral serums and use as toothpaste.

    -50 ml

    Application Options:

    Extra Exfoliation:add a dash to a damp facecloth and a squirt of Best Skin Ever to boost this gentle method of cleansing. It is important to use the Pearl Powder and all exfoliators with moderation. Depending on your skin and lifestyle, exfoliating once a week to once every couple of weeks is super.

    Acne, Blemish, Spot & Scar Treatment: add one drop of DewDab to a pinch of Perfect Pearl Powder, apply to area, and leave on overnight or for as long as possible. Use DewDabfor hyperpigmentation, Jewel Dab for scars, and Zippity DewDab for acne.

    Facial Mask:combine a squirt of a Best Skin Ever or your favorite serum with two pinches of Perfect Pearl Powder and apply to face as a mask. Leave on for fifteen minutes. Rinse. Apply one squirt of Best Skin Ever or a serum to moisturize.

    Tooth Polish: add a tiny pinch to your toothbrush with one drop of Tooth Serum (Yogior Happy Gum Drops) and brush teeth for two minutes.

    Oil Pulling:add one pinch to one teaspoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes of oil pulling.

  • All Organic Ingredients:

    Pearl powder– Our precious pearl powder is obtained from the pearl nacre of 4-year old Pinctada maxima oysters that live around the Eastern Archipelago of Indonesia’s South Sea. Within the tissues and shell surrounding every perfect pearl are nourishing compounds that fortify and strengthen the pearl just as they fortify and strengthen human skin and teeth. More than a dozen different amino acids as well as calcium, and lipids are effortlessly absorbed by the skin due to its unparalleled bio-availability. Pearl powder is an ancient Eastern beauty remedy celebrated to dim dark spots, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen teeth, clear scars and blemishes, and slow the signs of aging. Each batch is tested to be clear of any heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, and lead.

    Chicory root(Cichorium intybus) – This special root has an aroma of roasted coffee or dark chocolate and a slightly sweet taste. It is a potent prebiotic that may support healthy flora on the skin and in the mouth.

    Sodium bicarbonate – Also known to as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate is significantly less abrasive than commercial toothpastes and a natural whitening agent. For the skin it is the gentlest of exfoliators, especially when combine with pearl powder. Striving for alkaline saliva is important for oral health, and the alkalinity of baking soda helps maintain that balance.

    Rosemary Supercritical Extract (Rosemary officinalis) – This sublime serum harnesses the antioxidant superpowers of pure rosemary. It is a potent anti-bacterial and is said to stimulate blood circulation and skin rejuvenation.

  • About Living Libations

    Living Libations is a line of serums, elixirs, and essential oils that nurture beauty, enhance the immune, and promote healthy good oral care. Living Libations was created by Nadine Artemis, beauty philosopher, aromacologist, and botanical muse, shaping plant-intelligence into palpable consecrations to blush senses and muse imaginations. All Living Libations' botanicals are authentic and pure and distilled only from the named plant matter.

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