Living Libations

Living Libations - Ginger Exfoliating Scrub

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  • This enlivening Ginger Body Scrub exfoliates the body head to toe, leaving the skin so, so soft and infused with the softening magic of seaweed and finely ground pumice.

    Living Libations Ginger Body Scrub softens skin with the invigorating powers of seaweed and finely ground pumice packed into a creamy, ginger-grapefruit lotion. Infused with the undeniable moxie of pure jojoba and marshmallow root, this Ginger Body Scrub is instilled with undeniable antioxidants. This revitalizing, pearly paste may also be used as a gentle facial cleanser or an exfoliating foot polish.

    How To Use: Apply to wet or dry skin, massage thoroughly, and rinse.

    - 120 ml