Lotus Wei

Flowerevolution Card Deck

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  • Wake up your inner wisdom with 54 beautiful flower cards + 8 different readings.

    Flowers are mirrors, reflecting back to us the keys to our own awakening + transformation - revealing the qualities that most want to be amplified.

    Choose the flowers you're most attracted to + find out what it means about you. Discover new insights about yourself, navigate through challenging situations + reveal your greatest impact.

    Use the Flowerevolution cards to inspire, reflect, ask questions + more deeply connect with yourself, your loved ones + Mother Nature.

    Pairs with the Flowerevolution book or can be used alone.

  • About Lotus Wei

    Lotus Wei began in 2000 when Katie Hess — a flower alchemist + spiritual seeker born near Minneapolis — decided to share her custom-blended flower remedies with a handful of private clients.

    Today, their flower essences + elixirs are sold in retail stores in 12 countries, at some of the world’s leading hotels + transformational spas, and to people like you.

    The word “wei” has two meanings. The first is “transformative action” and the second is “for the benefit of all”.

    At Lotus Wei, they believe that one of the simplest ways to ignite “transformative action for the benefit of all” is by using flower essences — pure, natural elixirs with the power to shift your mood + physiology. They believe it because they’ve felt it, seen it, researched it, and observed it — for over 13 years.

    Put simply: these essences work. And we’re so proud to share them, with you.

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